Halifax Christian Academy
Pre-Primary through Grade 12 High-Quality Education.  Spiritual Development.
Smaller Class Sizes.  Affordable Tuition.

Why Christian Education? Inquire

How will you influence your child for Christ?

Your child’s school has over 1,000 hours per year to influence how they interact with others and develop their world view. Many Christian families across HRM find that their school actively undermines their faith and promotes secular values.

At Halifax Christian Academy we do not take our influence for granted! Choose to partner with HCA’s discipleship-driven education for your child’s development.

What Makes HCA Different?

Lost in the Crowd?

With smaller class sizes and teachers who find value in every student, we foster an atmosphere of mutual respect that enables healthy personal growth.

Falling Through the Cracks?

We identify individual challenges quickly and work to partner with your family. We believe that every student can learn with joy and success.

Discipleship Culture

We prioritize mentoring, small groups, Bible study, and chapel; but Christian Discipleship is not a program: it permeates everything we do.

We Promise

  • Highly Qualified Teachers 
  • Values Aligned With Your Family
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Discipleship-Infused Education 
  • Family-School Partnership
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Academic Excellence
  • Extra-curricular Clubs & Activities
  • Abundant Prayers For Your Child and Family
“ESL class is the best time to learn English. I have lots of opportunities to speak and have to focus on the teacher. Someone said that ‘the more you come into contact with English, the faster you become proficient'. ESL class is my road to go to my dream. If ESL class didn’t exist, my English skill would hardly have improved...”
Min, Grade Nine (Korea)