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Christian Education in Halifax!

FIGHT for Christian Education

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Please watch the video below to learn more about why we need to FIGHT for Christian Education.

Halifax Christian Academy Family,

Over the past weeks, we have each witnessed complete upheaval of things we hold dear. If we are honest, many of us feel defeated and wonder how we can ever move forward under these circumstances. Yet the Bible is full of unforeseen circumstances and events that placed seemingly unequipped individuals in a position to fight for their people, their beliefs, and their freedom. So we ask ourselves, what if we are here for such a time as this?

What if we are being called to FIGHT for Christian education?

To FIGHT for the ability to teach our students that there is but one true God?

To FIGHT for the hearts and the minds of generations to come?

With this in mind, and after much prayer, we highly recommend that you use the attached Family FIGHT Packet and Contribution Card to help raise much needed funds. Funds that will enable us to keep our doors open, teachers paid, and continue the discipleship of our students through Christian education.

Together we choose joy (James 1:2) and make a commitment to community by reaching out to friends and family as we FIGHT for Halifax Christian

Halifax Christian Academy


Please register your family on our fundraising platform, Donor Drive. If you participated in Week of Giving 2019, you will be able to log in with your credentials from last year.

Learn all about the Fight campaign with your family fight packet!

The packet includes all the details to make working together on this fundraiser easier and more fun!  Let’s tackle this together…!

download your contribution card

Once a donor comments or gives you a verbal donation, confirm it was processed on your personal fundraising page. Mark the amount off of your Contribution Card.

Challenge Prizes!

As you complete activities and earn Activity & Challenge Badges, cut the corresponding badge out and track your progress on the tracking sheet in your Family Fight Package!

For every challenge you complete, you will be entered into a draw for the corresponding prize below.

Prizes provided by Donor Drive.

Each activity completed earns you an additional entry into the activity badge raffle. Prizes provided by Donor Drive include:

  • Eno Style Hammock
  • At Home Slime Kit
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Inflatable T-Rex Costume
  • Giant Jenga

Contact Rebecca Nickerson, HCA’s Development Officer