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Why Christian Education?

Because… children are precious.

Because… discipleship is our kingdom mandate.

Because… some days kids just need a hug.

Because… this investment has immediate returns, long term benefits, and makes an eternal difference.

Because… no student should be bullied

Because… If parents have help, the whole community benefits.

Because… Identity and self-esteem are formed before 14 years old.

Because… We can activate and affirm students' faith before it is challenged.

Christian schools, like Halifax Christian Academy, have an unprecedented opportunity to transform the world through raising up the next generation of Christ-followers. God gave HCA the vision to “Transform lives through dynamic Christ-centered education and discipleship.” in the summer of 2017. Since then we have committed to His plan and we are standing in the gap in the face of a world where;

  • Less than 2.7% of the global emerging generation is from a protestant evangelical Christian home
  • 85% of Christian students reject their faith after high school
  • Only 0.5% of North American youth profess a Christian worldview

Why does partnering with a Christian school make an impact on your students, in your family, our churches, and our city?

  • Students spend about 35 hours per week on campus, or about 1000 hours per school year, more than 10x the time they would be in church if they attended without missing one Sunday service
  • Highly engaged parents with a personal faith in Jesus, are entitled to a Christian worldview education for their children.
  • Students are taught by Christian teachers, who can impart knowledge, shower the students in prayer, and encourage with Biblical wisdom.  A powerful combination. 
  • We have the greatest opportunity to impact lifelong spiritual transformation is in young hearts and minds, all day, every day.

A recent research study “Walking the Path : The Religious Lives of Young Adults in North America” completed by the University of Notre Dame using Cardus Education survey data, found that;

  • Christian high schools in North America help students remain faithful as young adults
  • Attending a Protestant Evangelical school (such as HCA) has a measurable positive benefit for student faith that are distinct and unique from influences of the family, church life, or socio-economic background

The study outlined three POWERFUL ways in which graduates of Protestant Evangelical high schools are different than public school grads:

  • Christian school graduates report significantly higher belief in orthodox Christian teachings, such as the belief that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and that the Bible is infallible in matters of faith and practice.
  • Christian school graduates are much more likely to pray, read the Bible, attend church regularly, and tithe.
  • Christian school graduates are less likely to switch religious affiliation or to turn from the faith of their childhood.

“Church and family life are important in young adults’ spiritual formation, but our research reinforces the fact school plays an important role in this as well,” says Dr. Beth Green, education program director at think tank Cardus. “Church leaders, parents, and educators must know and understand just how important attending Christian school can be in bolstering young adults’ faith.” Dr. Green goes on to state that “We must maintain Christian schools as an option for as many families as possible so that everyone who wants to can have access to Christian education”

Discipleship infused Christian education clearly has a profound and lasting positive impact on lasting faith. When the activities of a school like Halifax Christian Academy are in partnership with parents and church, we can jointly have a PROFOUND impact for eternity. By partnering together our students are nurtured in mind, body, and soul – developing their own beliefs which will last and raising up the next generation of leaders that will strengthen our churches, and our city.

Students are in desperate need of knowing that having faith does not make them “odd” or “needy”. They need to know, without a doubt, how real and accurate the Truth is, and above all, to know the Love of Jesus, as expressed by the ultimate act of sacrifice on the Cross. Our kids need to be equipped to explain the reason for the hope that is within them, the hope that only Jesus Christ (not the world) offers.

In Halifax, Halifax Christian Academy is THE choice for families that make development of faith and strong academic training a PRIORITY, as the government funded system is hostile towards Jesus, and other private schools are non-faith based.

We look forward to speaking with you about how HCA would be a powerful member of your family’s team, for the eternal blessing of your students.

Dr. Aubrey J. Penney
August 2019
Shaun Alspach
Head of School
August 2017