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Armdale Campus

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Timberlea Campus

30 Charles Rd, Timberlea, NS

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Halifax campus in the Fairmount/Armdale area offers pre-primary through grade 12, and our Timberlea campus accepts children as young as 18 months into our licenced Christian daycare, and runs through to Grade 1.  In future our Timberlea elementary program will expand to run from Pre-Primary to Grade 3 or 4.

HCA has a long history of success in helping students realize their potential.  Our curriculum, faculty and smaller class sizes are a powerful combination that fuels student learning.  In NATIONWIDE standardized testing our students are performing 2 to 3 grade levels ABOVE their actual numerical grade.  We are proud of our students and staff, and thank our parents for their partnership to assist their children to excel.

Reading level of students from grades 3, 6 and 9.

HCA high school has a 40+ year track record of sending students onto post-secondary.  100% of those that wanted to attend were accepted in the past years, and those same ~60 students were offered over $500,000 in scholarships.  Our average high school student is performing at university levels in standardized testing

Percentage of HCA students that attend post-secondary schooling

Our teachers are extremely well educated, with 50% holding multiple degrees, master’s degrees or PHD’s.  Over 95% hold at least a bachelor’s degree, with the other 5% holding senior diplomas in their areas of specialty (for example our art teacher holds a diploma from NS College Art and Design).  Our teachers have an average of 18 years of teaching experience and are gifted at helping your children.

Graph displaying experience of teachers

At HCA, your students benefit from classes which are FAR smaller than the average publicly funded school.  In 2018/19 our average class size was 12.  In 2019/20 it will rise to 13.  This means individual attention for your student, allowing them the instruction and care they need to be well trained academically and to grow in character, diligence and in their faith.

No.  Parents are responsible for transporting their children.  However several parent car pools are operating in HRM, decreasing the demands on our parents.  For 2019/20 HCA is evaluating if there is sufficient demand to operate a shuttle service from Dartmouth and from Sackville, where those using the service drop off their students at a central location in the morning and pick them up at the same location after school.  If launched, this service would require payment of additional fees.

Part of our mission at HCA is to “positively affect others through our service” and we take this seriously.  For each of the past two years our students and staff have poured between 1500 and 2000 hours of volunteering into our city and region.  We believe that when our community pours into the community at large, BOTH see benefit.

No.  While HCA teaches from a Christian worldview, you do not have to be a Christian to attend.  Over the years, many non-Christian HCA families have joined our community due to our track record of excellent academic training, strong morality, challenging students to push themselves to achieve a goal, and excellent leadership development.  Non-Christian families are not pressured to adopt a Christian worldview; however they do covenant with the school, acknowledging our beliefs and the manner in which that shapes the student experience in and out of the classroom.

No, HCA does not have an IB program.  However, we offer a full suite of Advanced University Placement (AP) courses which scholarly students can complete while in high school, earning university credits prior to university admission.  The AP program has a long history of success and the courses are recognized for credit by nearly every university in Canada and the United States.  The added benefit of the AP stream is the student may select which AP courses they take, in alignment to their desired area of post secondary specialty, allowing them to tailor make their high school program to meet their specific needs.  This is a strong advantage over IB which dictates that the student take EVERY course in IB format, which means that future chemists are forced to take an advanced humanities courses outside their area of interest.

Yes!  In 2018/19, HCA middle and high school students competed in the Metro High School Athletic Association in Basketball and Soccer.  We are always looking for ways to increase our program, and will increase our program in 2019/20 with the addition of a Track and Field team.

HCA believes that children develop character, problem solving skills, empathy for others, and appreciation for their own lives through serving others locally and abroad.  Our teams have a long track record of travelling to Guatemala, and over the years have played a hand in transforming a town there.  Our local missions involved joining the teams at several local charities to help them progress their mission as a blessing to others.

Our approach to spiritual formation and transformation is simple.  We desire to have all students HEAR the truth, ACCEPT the truth, and SHARE the truth of a Christian belief system.  Our investment and focus on discipleship does not detract from our academic training in fact it enhanced it, as the root of the word “disciple” is “to teach”.  HCA believes that showing all students the simple power of the Gospel is a powerful teaching tool, whether they choose to adopt a Christian worldview or not.  Christianity is not about forcing our beliefs upon another, it is a movement of free will, accepting what God has done for us by sending his own Son to die for our shortcomings, which Christians call sin.

At HCA discipleship begins when a student chooses, of their own free will, to accept the teaching and saving work of Jesus.  Once a student (or adult) becomes a Christ-follower, they choose a path whereby their lives are to be transformed by the example of Jesus, in accordance with the Holy scriptures daily.  This is a daunting challenge for almost every Christian.  HCA wants to be a partner with all Christ-followers to help them on their journey, and we are very thankful for the grace that abounds when we struggle with our earthly selves.

Infographic about education and discipleship

The average tuition paid in 2019/20 will be between $6500 and $7500 about 40-50% less than other private schools in HRM.

We wish we could provide our Christ-centered, high quality, discipleship infused education free of tuition.  However, the reality is that HCA receives no government funding, despite saving the government funded system between $2 and $3 million dollars each year.  Therefore, we must ask parents to invest in their child through paying tuition, to meet our basic operating needs.  We strive to maintain a balance between the investment required and keeping the school accessible to families.

We have a number of discounts and financial assistance programs available for those who qualify.  These programs help keep HCA accessible to families.  Please contact our admissions department at admissions@halifaxchristianacademy.ca to make application for enrollment and learn which financial programs you may qualify for.

How can parents, grandparents, alumni, former students and former parents get involved?

We consider it a privilege to partner with our students’ parents and grandparents, as well as alumni and former parents.  We invite the larger HCA community to volunteer in the classroom, lead extracurricular clubs, coach our athletics teams, accompany our students on field trips, help organize our two or three key fundraising events in 0the school year, chaperone overnight trips, and travel alongside our Guatemala mission team.  The efforts of the “friends of HCA” are essential to the success of our school.

With no financial support from any government agency, we do not meet our operating needs only through tuition.  We do not want to increase tuition by 30-50% as it would make HCA inaccessible, therefore financial support through our major fundraisers, through monthly pledged giving, through our “Donate your Change” micro-giving program, and through planned and legacy gifts.  Please contact our development department via info@halifaxchristianacademy.ca to discuss how your gift would bring a huge and lasting benefit.

It is easy to connect with HCA!   Please click the “inquire now” button on our website, email admissions@halifaxchristianacademy.ca, send us a Facebook message (FB : Halifax Christian Academy)  or call us at 902-475-1441.

HCA believes that the quality and genuineness of student to student relationships are of paramount importance, and our teachers and staff work diligently to instill mutual respect of others in our students.  With these key cultural elements in place, we find that there are very few student issues in our school, and instances of bullying are rare.  When we do discover circumstances where one student is exerting control or power over a student, or ridiculing or intimidating another, we take an active role in showing the offending student(s) the value, skills, and gifts that those being bullied have, and affirming that no student has the right to bully another which is equally made in God’s image.  Student disciplinary issues are very rare and relatively minor in nature at HCA.  Few can remember the last time a student was suspended, and we are not aware of a student being expelled in the last two or three decades.

YES!  HCA employs two staff who assists students if they are having some learning challenges with reading, speech, computation, and comprehension.  Our resource professionals work with groups of 1 to 4 students at a time, depending on need and student ages.