From an HCA “Lifer”

Good Morning HCA VIPS!

My name is Joe Blinder and I am a 2013 Alumni. First, let me say that I loved my time at HCA. From Grade Primary with Miss Grant, to Grade 12 with Ms. Palmer, the community that was established between 8am and 3:07pm was truly family. I regularly thank my parents for their devotion to Christian education, and the role that it played in shaping my life.

My Elementary years are honestly a blur, but the things that do stand out are the memories of my interactions with my teachers. Each teacher passionately poured Christ’s love into my life on a daily basis, teaching me significantly more than just academic knowledge. They not only showered grace onto these rowdy, fun loving kids, but also exceptional patience, truly representing Christ to their class. Even into my high school years, the teachers were utterly incredible!

High school holds some very endearing memories. The spiritual unity that the annual retreats would bring, the intense Track meets that got us out of school for a day, even the extra fun “study hall” trips to Subway—those are the enjoyable memories, but then there are the impactful memories. I can remember Mr. Burrill driving me home on Mondays after Calculus class, Mr. Wagar spending hours telling me stories and instilling in me a love for history, and Mrs. Sutherland killing me in Biology class, but more importantly teaching me to not give up! Moments like those proved to me that to these teachers, it was more than just a job, they actually cared deeply about me.Yes, I can tell you how the rigorous academics challenged and equipped me for my current studies, but it was this lesson that truly impacted my life! This is what makes HCA the school that it is!

Upon graduation I pursued two degrees, a B.A. in Political Science and B.A. in History. As stated previously, due to the academic expectations of HCA, I performed very well. While I thought that my Bachelors was a stepping stone into Law School, God had different plans. Currently I am at Liberty University as an Academic Advisor, pouring the same love that I received from my teachers at HCA, into my students. I am halfway through my Masters of Divinity, and within a couple of years, my wife and I want to move to North Africa to minister to those who have never heard Jesus’ name. Without the daily outpouring of biblical love that I received at HCA, my life story could have been very different.

You have the opportunity to keep this legacy alive!

“HCA exists to transform lives though dynamic Christ-centered education and discipleship.” Halifax needs you to stand as a beacon of Hope to a darkened community! I am so overjoyed by what I see you doing in truly shaping Christ-followers. Christ has called you to something far bigger than you could ever imagine. You are truly impacting generations for Jesus.

In Christ,
Joe Blinder