How the Moshers came to HCA

Abigail started her education in the public system, we were told she was attending one of the best schools in the city!

Our experience with the public system over two years was not the best.  Abigail was bullied in school and I tried to work with the school to resolve it.  However they are so short staffed and the classes are so over crowded it is difficult for them to know what is truly going on in the classroom and out on the playground.  I was asked to have Abigail let them know when these things happen…what!? I said….Abigail is 5 years old, this is not her responsibility at this young age it is theirs – funny thing, then I was asked to be more understanding by the vice principal who had not only one but two of her children in private school.



Abigail did not volunteer and had difficulty wanting to participate in the classroom….never once did she raise her hand!

The teacher explained that she was having difficulty reading and was not keeping up so they had her work one on one with another teacher…back when I was in school it was called the resource program.

All these things weighed heavily on me and I talked with my very good friend Ana Patricia about what was going.  She said that I should come to HCA, just come and check it out.  I prayed about it as I was confused.  I had in my head from a sermon I heard that we should be the light in this dark world and my prays were that she would be that light at her school.   Then one day we took the kids to Hop Skip Jump and again got to talking about my confusion and Ana Patricia  opened my eyes!  She said to me that our children are like baby birds; a mother bird doesn’t just get her babies to fly she nurtures them, protects them and teaches them so that when the time comes for them to fly they will be ready!  It the same with our children, I can’t expect that Abigail can be the light and shine for the glory of God in the world until she has the tools, maturity and knowledge of how to.

So…one day I did it!
And I will never look back…

I went to the school to check it out and I was welcomed so warmly by Emily Geertsema I felt like I was home.  That day Shaun Alspach was in the office and was free to talk ….now knowing how busy this man truly is that was a miracle in itself J  Shaun was amazing!  I never once felt rushed he went over everything!  How the school works, programs, and his personal testimony.  I knew this was the place for us however there was another concern…money.  Craig and I decided if we had to we would sell the house and downsize to make it work but again God came through!!  Shaun explained that there was a program that would assist with our tuition as a new enrollment for the first year- awesome!  Then my good friend Ana Patricia calls me, she explained that as a teacher of the school with the new enrollment program she can choose to take home extra money for herself or gift it to us and wanted to give it to us!!!  We didn’t have to even think about moving now, hooray!

Abigail first day was incredible…..she started Grade 2 with Sue Webber and what a year!  When I took Abigail in the classroom she was so at ease…usually she was stuck to me and cried if I left without her.  Abigail looked up at me and said “Mom I am okay, you can go now”  I cried walking away but they were tears of joy!  She was happy and so was IJ  I ended up getting to know Miss Webber quite well and became involved with her art class.  One week I went to the class I looked through the window and she had her hand up…way up trying to answer a question something she would never have done before.  This first year Abigail began to bloom and come out of her shell.  She made good friends and got good grades.  And now I have another good friend, Sue Webber!

Abigail is now in grade 3 with Susan Ames and what a great blessing she is to Abigail and our family, truly one of a kind!!  Abigail’s  first report card came home with eleven A’s, one B and one C.  She is reading novels and getting hundreds on her spelling tests.  There is never any homework as she uses her time wisely in class.  Abigail’s love for the Lord is growing stronger at HCA.  She see the changes happening in her life too  since starting at HCA.

This is not just a school for us but family.  We love everyone at HCA and thank you for all that you do for our children and our families.
God Bless You all!!

Kindest Regards,

Patricia Mosher