English as a Second Language

Due to  Covid-19 travel restrictions, HCA is currently unable to enrol new students for the 2020/21 school year.  We are able to accept your inquiries for future enrolment, once travel restrictions are removed.

English as a Second Language

Our International Student Program offers English as a Second Language classes with a qualified instructor. Each student is given the help he needs to succeed at school. Academic education at the student’s grade level. If you complete the courses in Grades 10, 11, 12, you will be able to apply to universities in Canada and USA.

Cultural Adventures

Cultural experiences like the overnight retreat that starts the school year, class trips, sharing events in Halifax, sight-seeing with your host family, sports and music activities you choose to take part in – all these form friendships and awareness that will change the way you see the world! As well, our Adventures & Experiences Club will provide you with fun and educational activities all year!

Home Stay Families

Home stays are chosen with care so that you can feel at home and share family life. Generally, host families are well known to HCA. Host families go through an application, criminal record check and visitation process. If you have immediate family in Halifax and you wish to stay with them, this will need to be approved by HCA to be sure it is the best situation for you.

An Excellent ESL Program
Smaller Classes
Cultural Adventures
Safe & Involved Host Families

“I'm very happy for my son to be part of HCA. Dedicated teachers (especially our ESL teachers are the best!), supportive staff, and friendly peers in a small class.”
Sohee, Mom of Sean, Grade Two (Korea)