Winter English Language Intensive

Due to  Covid-19 travel restrictions, HCA is currently unable to accept new applications.
We are able to accept your inquiries for future enrolment, once travel restrictions are removed.

One Month Winter Intensive English Language Program

Winter ESL Program

Welcome to one month of intensive English Language learning along with cultural events, experiences and adventures. This is taking place in the busy port city of Halifax in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. It is offered in the wintertime, so that you can enjoy crisp, cold, sunny days, and touch and see the snow.

Halifax Christian Academy is a small private school where students will have the best of care in every way. Qualified and experienced staff and host families strive for excellence in Christian discipleship and education, as well as in relationship and relaxation.


Every school day, you will attend some classes for your grade and age level, completing appropriate coursework and assignments.

You will make progress in math and science, practise English language, and look at history and geography from a new perspective.

You will take part in English as a Second Language instruction tailored to your individual level.


Twice each week, cultural activities are planned especially for your group, sometimes in school and sometimes in the community.

In addition, you join in the Adventures and Experiences events planned as part of the program for international students who are staying for a longer study period or term.

These include sports events, out- door activities, history made real, art, shopping, and many other interesting adventures and experiences.

Away From Home

Your host family will meet you at the airport when you arrive, and from
that first “Hello!” you will be making friends, sharing a family, eating well, sleeping safely, enjoying a “home from home”. You will probably gaze inwonder at the snowfall, and curl up with hot chocolate…

The families we choose are part of HCA, and you will hang out with their teenagers, play with their younger children, share their chores. The hostparents will care for you and see that you have everything you need. They will also be interested to learn about you and your family and country.

After this month, we will all have changed a little, viewing the world through each others’ eyes.

“I am not a Christian yet, so I can’t say why the Christian life is good. I can just say because we are God’s creation and God sent his son Jesus for us and God forgive us and God said many good words in the Bible.”
Kyle, Grade 7 International Student