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The Arrowsmith Program is a unique cognitive strengthening program for individuals with Learning Disabilities/learning difficulties.

Halifax Christian Academy is the only school east of Quebec offering the program.


Designed by Canadian, Barbara Arrowsmith Young, the Arrowsmith Program has become world renowned and has empowered thousands of students over the past 30+ years.

Based on the principles of neuroplasticity (which simply means: the brain can change itself) the Arrowsmith Program’s goal is to strengthen learning capacities so that students will be confident and empowered learners in the cognitive areas which had once hindered them socially and academically. Improvements to a student’s cognitive ability through the Arrowsmith Program is long lasting and does not fade over time.

A typical Arrowsmith student entering the Arrowsmith Program will often experience a range of issues, including: reading, writing, mathematics, comprehension, logical reasoning, visual memory, auditory memory, dyslexia, non-verbal learning, auditory processing, attention, and dysgraphia. Parents are encouraged to read the Descriptions of Learning Dysfunctions Addressed to learn more about how the Arrowsmith Program can help their child.

Our Learning Environment

Our elementary classrooms are set up to be conducive to learning. They are visually appealing and set up in a structured manner. Project-based learning also forms a part of our curriculum.

Students are strongly encouraged to be respectful of authority and of one another and their own and other’s belongings through the teaching of Christian character traits and the core values of our school.

Becoming a Student

At HCA, we are called to help the students in the lower grades learn basic biblical knowledge and then build on it.

We encourage the students to ask any questions they may have in a safe and supportive setting.

Students are introduced to a culture of discipleship through direct teaching, the example of others and service opportunities.

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“I am not a Christian yet, so I can’t say why the Christian life is good. I can just say because we are God’s creation and God sent his son Jesus for us and God forgive us and God said many good words in the Bible.”
Kyle, Grade 7 International Student