Elementary School
Armdale Campus

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Our Elementary School offers a full time infusion of faith and education.

Academic Training

Our elementary school offers students a solid foundation in the basic core subjects. We start in pre-primary by offering a strong phonetic approach to reading and continue this method of instruction all the way through grade two.

Beginning in grade three, the upper elementary students embark on a journey in Foundations & Frameworks An Instructional Reading Program. This program develops patterns of thinking and has independent comprehension as its goal. Working within small groups, the students read a novel, are introduced to new vocabulary words that they use in contextually rich sentences and learn to organize the details in the novel according to the skill being taught for that unit such as character, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, setting, plot and sequence of events. The introductory activity, the read-aloud times and the intellectual art that conclude the study of that novel are designed with the students’ enjoyment in mind.

The pre-primaries and primaries use A Beka math which is very strong in computation. We use the Jump Math curriculum in grades one through five. We also offer science social studies, health, gym and art. The students go on field trips which are subject related and also participate in musical productions. We also offer heritage, science and fine arts fairs.

We offer French instruction starting in pre-primary. The teacher is a native French speaker.

Our smaller classes allow our experienced teachers to give more time to the students as needed.

Our Learning Environment

Our elementary classrooms are set up to be conducive to learning. They are visually appealing and set up in a structured manner. Project-based learning also forms a part of our curriculum.

Students are strongly encouraged to be respectful of authority and of one another and their own and other’s belongings through the teaching of Christian character traits and the core values of our school.


We are passionately committed to nurturing the hearts and souls of our youngest learners.

We infuse Christian worldview in everything we do.  We also know that to maximize the opportunity for our students to first discover and then develop a personal faith in our saviour, they need a safe forum to voice the questions they have and the challenges they are facing.  HCA is that place!

We are using the 1,000 hours of time spent with our students each school year, to plant and water seeds of faith, hope and love.

You want the best for your family.
We do too.
Let our team help you with this important decision.

“I'm very happy for my son to be part of HCA. Dedicated teachers (especially our ESL teachers are the best!), supportive staff, and friendly peers in a small class.”
Sohee, Mom of Sean, Grade Two (Korea)