High School
Armdale Campus

Why Christian Education? Inquire

We invite you to take advantage of a unique opportunity to partner with Halifax Christian Academy so your high school student(s) receive the blessing of a great education in alignment with your Christian values, in smaller classes, with more individual attention.

Academic Training

School offers students a high-quality university-preparatory curriculum, in a highly effective classroom setting with increased teacher attention (smaller classes allows for less wasted and distracted time just managing the class).  We offer all of the standard core subjects, as well as advanced academic courses, such as pre-calculus.  An HCA diploma is something that the universities seek, and every year they reward our students with a plethora of post-secondary scholarships.

Our team of experienced and well educated faculty are motivated to meet your student where they are at and challenging them to reach their individual potential. At HCA we have high standards, but we are blessed to have the ability to give additional support to those who need it.

For electives we offer a hybrid between in classroom and online learning, we encourage students to take advantage of our online learning platform, and subsidize on-line course fees.

For high aptitude, high ability students who wish to accelerate their post secondary career while in High School, we offer a series of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We have selected the AP program over the IB program as it provides the flexibility for the student to select which AP courses they wish to complete, in alignment with their ultimate post-secondary area of study, in contrast to the IB program which forces the student to take all courses at an advanced level, regardless of their alignment to their ultimate area of study.

The success of our High School is well established. Our students routinely perform at 2 to 3 grades higher than their numerical grade on nationwide standardized tests.

We know that the amazing teachers, individualized instruction, and learning supports combined with the personal attention that comes with our smaller community brings success. Couple this with a climate that also fosters faith, and your students will be blessed.

Our Learning Environment

HCA High School enjoys its own floor in our main Halifax campus.  The learning spaces are not what most of our parents experienced!

With modern technology, communal gathering space, individual and small group study spaces, and an open and bright layout, our students are a community learning in an inviting space for study worship, group gatherings, and simple hangout. Our High School has a dedicated, and fully equipped science lab, which serves as our hub for our STEM training.

In HCA High School we build a relationship with your student in order to identify and nurture their gifts, and support in areas which need assistance.

Our students are learning in an environment where swearing is nearly non-existent, bullying a rare occurrence, and in uniforms which relieves the social pressure and large expense of having to have the trendiest apparel at all times.

Discipleship and Leadership

At HCA, we are called to help students learn about the foundations of the Christian faith.  We also encourage them to ask the (sometimes tough) questions they may have in a safe and supportive setting.

Our goal is for our high school to equip students to take ownership of their own faith and know why they believe what they believe. At HCA, discipleship is not a program, it is a culture, and we believe in our students not only playing a role in shaping that culture, but in leading others through their example and service.  We strive to see students becoming disciples together, and positively impacting others.

For a Christian high school student, the simple ability to pray with a peer worship Jesus, and read your Bible during school hours may be the biggest blessing of all; and stands as a stark contrast to the reality of Christian public school students who tend to live two lives, hiding their faith at school, for fear or reprisal.

To inquire about HCA High School and tuition discounts and incentives that are now available, please email admissions@halifaxchristianacademy.ca

“I am not a Christian yet, so I can’t say why the Christian life is good. I can just say because we are God’s creation and God sent his son Jesus for us and God forgive us and God said many good words in the Bible.”
Kyle, Grade 7 International Student