Entrance Scholarship


We are excited to introduce a brand new scholarship that helps bring the blessing of a discipleship infused high school education to fifteen stellar individuals who are joining HCA High School for the first time.

Through the HCA High School Entrance Scholarship Program,
gifted student scholars, proven Christian disciples, talented artists, budding athletes, and youth leaders,
are eligible to receive a scholarship worth thousands of dollars towards a life and faith developing education.

There are a limited number of scholarships available and they are awarded on an as approved basis

Apply today and as soon as possible to be considered for one of the following awards:     

Five Scholarship Focus Categories
  • Academics (academic excellence in their prior studies) 
  • Christian Disciples (recognized for ministry work, worship, and Christian service/volunteerism) 
  • Athletics (existing track record of athletic proficiency and commitment to team success)
  • Arts (Either performing or fine arts) 
  • Leadership (students who are already leading in their recreation, school and church lives)
Total Scholarships Available
  • 15 available across all focus categories
  • Scholarships are awarded on an “as approved” basis until all have been awarded
Scholarship Award
  • Year 1 – $2000 tuition credit applied against base tuition
  • Year 2 – $1000 tuition credit applied against base tuition (contingent on continuance of merit)

Application & Enrollment

To inquire about the High School Entrance Scholarship Program or make an enrollment application please contact admissions@halifaxchristianacademy.ca  

Submission Process:
  • New students to submit a standard application for enrollment to HCA
  • Submit a completed Entrance Scholarship Application which includes: 
    • a covering letter explaining who they are and why they are considering HCA 
    • a resume summarizing past experience and accomplishments 
    • a “portfolio” of work (print, video, or other medium) if applying for an Arts scholarship 
    • personal and/or pastoral references which HCA will contact to affirm the applicant’s character, experience, and gifting.
  • Only fully completed applications will be reviewed
Selection Process
  • A panel of evaluators will review all applications as they are received, and award scholarships based on deemed merit.
Application Form
“I like my classmates, they are kind to me. If I ask a question, they always help me. That is why I like this school. ”
Kyle, Grade Seven (Korea)