Middle School
Armdale Campus

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Our Middle School offers a full time infusion of faith and education.

Academic Training

HCA Middle School offers students an opportunity to learn and grow in an 21st Century Education environment where they learn communication, co-operation, collaboration skills and creativity is encouraged.

Students are taught the core subjects in a positive environment that promotes growth and confidence and life skills classes are included in the curriculum.

Inter-grade activities are included in the program which gives students of various maturity levels the opportunity to interact in formal and informal settings.

Teachers are committed to modeling Christ and Christian values to the students while giving them a strong academic foundation from which to build on in high school and beyond.

Our Learning Environment

When you enter our middle school, you will see life abundantly, the vibrancy that comes with pre-teens and early teens is tangible.  They are so energetic, talented and capable of so much.  To help our students in these formative years we embrace a myriad of learning techniques, from individual study to collaborative group projects.  Our students regularly present their projects to their peers, learning valuable public speaking and leadership skills.

Even our middle school leaning spaces are adaptable to fit the specific need, when we are working with a big group we open things up, when we are equipping a small group we can partition off a more intimate space.

HCA embraces technology as a tool to engage students and enhance their learning, with smart boards for every classroom and personally assigned Chromebooks for each student.  Appropriate technology policies and supervision are in place to help students benefit from the resources available to them without distraction from inappropriate content.  Technology also helps expand the partnership we have with parents by connecting students and parents with their classrooms and homework.

We add to our high-quality on-campus learning environment through engaging and diverse off campus learning excursions, community service projects, and our “Life Class” program which teaches practical skills that we all require.


Discipleship is not a program at HCA; it is a culture. For our students, the simple ability to pray (individually and in groups), read their Bible, and worship Him without fear of reprisal, may be the biggest blessing of all.

We will help students learn about the Christian faith, and our goal is to encourage them to ask questions, and find real answers in a safe and supportive setting.  Identity formation is a critical aspect of formation during the middle school years, and our desire is to help children seek and find an unshakeable identity in their Creator.

We aim to do ministry “with” our older students, rather than “to” them.  For teens, the voice of a peer is much more influential than the voice of an adult, teacher, or authority figure.  We are working together to have that influence be a positive one with lasting benefits.

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“The ESL program helped me a lot. When I have a problem in school or need some help for my study, ESL teachers helped me to get through problems.
It also really helped me to learn more English. I really appreciate teachers and I think it is a good program to help international students. ”
Jiwoo, Grade Ten (Korea)