Sad we have to leave HCA

I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to you and your team about all the great things you have done in HCA. I love the way Dr. Penny been kind but getting things done so quickly; love the high efficiency work from Emily and Roxanne. I was impressed by Rebecca, she is an excellent organizer. Also all the teachers from Andy and Lucas’s classes, showing their love to God and Kids. No doubt all these teachers are under your charming leadership. You have such a great team.

Andy and Lucas have spent a very happy year in HCA, We like the atmosphere in the school, we are not only students, teachers and parents, but also friends and families.

It is sad we have to leave HCA. Meanwhile, we want to join a HCA similar school in Vancouver. We are eager to put our children in Christian school and continue to build their relationship with God.

God Bless HCA