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Thank you for your support in raising funds to improve our school and to ensure that no family gets left behind during these difficult times. Your reach within your network and community can extend far beyond what you can imagine.

We need YOUR help to reach our goal of $100,000 that will go into building improvements, washroom expansion, classroom expansions (ie. portables, modular classrooms, etc.), furniture (desks, lockers, seating), playground and outdoor sports equipment and more!


register to fundraise

Register here:
  • At the homepage, click on the “SIGN UP”  button on the left hand column.
  • From there, select Create New Account button, or “Log in with Facebook” if you wish to sign in with your Facebook account.

Please note: The donate to self function is not yet ready. Please skip this step during initial registration. You can donate to self once the fundraiser launches to the public on Wednesday, May 12! Thank You.

Select Your Registration Type

  • Select your Registration Type. For most families, this will be the “Family” registration type (first option) to raise money under your family name.
    • For individuals or families with students who wish to fundraise individually, please select the Individual option. This could be for siblings who wish to fundraise under their own names to see who could raise more.
  • Fill in the information on the registration form, ensuring to use an email address that you check regularly.

Additional Information during registration

  • On the Additional Information step of the registration, you will be setting a fundraising goal. We encourage you to set a goal that is both realistic and a challenge to meet so that you may experience God’s faithfulness when you do your part.
  • We suggest a goal of at least $500. A goal of $1,500+ would also be feasible. Pray on it and see what God reveals to you.
  • Show people you are serious about your fundraising by donating to yourself or asking family (like grandparents) to jumpstart your fundraiser with a donation.
  • We would love it if you would check off all the options in the Permissions section.
  • We will have some friendly competition between our cohorts. In order to calculate our totals, we will need to know which cohorts your students belong to to disperse the numbers accordingly.


Set up your fundraiser page

Congratulations! You’ve registered to participate in our fundraiser. Here are some tips and suggestions for setting up your page to help your donors learn more about HCA and sign up to pledge!

how to customize your page

  • During your registration process, you will come across this “Customize Your Personal Fundraising Page”. Here, you will include a short blurb to tell your donors your personal story journey with HCA and why we are needing to fundraise. 
  • Here is an example message that you can use and replace with your personalized story:

This is our third year of calling Halifax Christian Academy our home, and we are so excited to see many new families want to join HCA in September 2021. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had many new students apply to HCA that we are running out of physical space at our Armdale campus! What an amazing “problem” to have, but one that we believe God has placed in our hands to watch His miraculous hands work in our school so that we can multiply our blessings to these new families. 

Would you kindly consider donating to our Ephesians 3:20 – Immeasurably More Project? Your donation will help create space and resources to welcome our new friends safely during these uncertain times.  

Adding content to your fundraising page

  • You can also “Continue Registration” and return to make changes to your Fundraising page by clicking the “Fundraising”, then going to the “My Fundraising” tab below that on the left column at any time you are signed in.
  • We encourage you to share photos of your family and your students in their school uniforms, in class, or at school events.
  • A video of your child(ren) and/or family speaking from their hearts about why they love their school is a great way to involve them and have them take ownership of their school and this fundraiser. We’ve included a sample from last year in the next section.
Family/student sponsor video (optional, but recommended!)

A video of your children speaking from their hearts about why they love their school is a great way to involve them and have them take ownership of their school and this fundraiser. Allowing them to be involved will help build their own faith as they watch God multiply their involvement. They will see God’s faithful provision as they take their own step of obedience towards expanding His kingdom through the ministry of their school.

To add a video, go to My Fundraiser tab and click “Add Video” button below the family message to upload your video.

Below is an example of a sponsor us video from our fundraiser last year.


Start Fundraising

Our fundraising platform has built-in tools such as pre-formatted emails and online donations. We also encourage you to use social media and text messaging to reach your contacts.

Getting Sponsors

There are built-in emails that allows you to send sponsor emails directly to your contacts. Under the “Fundraising” tab, select “Get Sponsors”. View the “Send your Sponsor Email” tab below for further instructions.

Importing Contacts from Your Address Books

  • To import your contacts, click the blue address book icon on the right.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Select your email service, such as Google Contacts and sign into your email account. 
  • Click the blue “Allow” button in order to import your contact list.
  • Your contact list will appear and you can Select All, select a few, or search for your contacts and check off which ones you are sending to. We encourage you to pray for each person you send your email to receive the message and respond with open hearts. 
  • Click the green “Get # Contacts” once you’ve selected all your recipients.
  • To select all the contacts you just imported, click on the empty checkbox on the top left.
  • Click
  • You can log into your different email accounts to access different contacts such as your work, church, and personal contacts.

How to send sponsor emails

  • You can use one of our saved emails under the “Load a Saved Email” drop down menu. From there, you can personalize your message or send it as-is!
  • Once you are satisfied with your email, hit the “Send Email > ” button. Ensure you regularly Save your email too as the system will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

sharing on social media

  • Click here to download social media graphics to share this fundraiser with your social media circles.
  • Include a personalized message or story in your post to demonstrate how important this fundraiser is to your family. Here is a sample posts that you are free to copy-paste or make adjustments to:
    • In the next few weeks, our family is participating in the Ephesians 3:20 Project in support of our school, Halifax Christian Academy. We would be thrilled if you would take a minute to view our fundraiser page and help our family reach our goal of $____ raised to ensure we have the space and resources to welcome new families to our school safely for the coming school year.

      HCA has been…[insert personal story here]
  • Make sure to include a link to your Fundraiser Page or instruct your donors to go to and search for your family name.
  • You can find your page link by selecting “Fundraising” on your left column while you are logged in, then “My Fundraising” and you will find the link under “Personal Page” in the centre of that page.

Offline pledge form

If your sponsors are not comfortable donating with credit card online, you can collect their payment information on a pledge form and contact once you have all your information ready.

To get an offline pledge sheet emailed to you, go to the “Download Forms” tab under your “Fundraiser” tabs. Hit the “Email Pedge Form” button and it will be emailed to you at the email you registered with.

If you have a donor who would like to donate via eTransfer (fee free for HCA), this is how they would enter it.
  1. Please send etransfers to and include the family name they are supporting.
  2. On your family page, select “DONATE NOW” on the right side of your page under your raised amount.
  3. Fill in the donor’s information for tax receipt issuing contact.
  4. Select the eTransfer radio button.
  5. Enter the amount that they have sent.
  6. Do not check “I want to cover the fees…” as there are no fees for eTransfer.
  7. Once we receive confirmation of the eTransfer, we will mark the donation as “Verified” and it should show up in your family total.
Cash or cheque donations are accepted but will need to be dropped off at the Armdale office by appointment only (please contact Please write cheques out to Halifax Christian Academy.
  1. Under “Fundraising” Tab, select “manage Cash or Cheque”
  2. Fill in the donor’s information for tax receipt issuing contact.
  3. Enter the donation amount.
  4. Select Add Donation
  5. These donations may take longer to appear in your family total as we cannot verify it until we have cash/cheque on hand. Please continue to add these in so that it will be on record.

Join us to witness God work immeasurably more than we could ever ask.

A big thank you to these incredible local businesses for their support for HCA through the generous giving of their services & donations:

Summit Climbing
$3000 donation
Eastern Fence
$2000 donation of services