So Many Blessings…

I just wanted to pass on to you the blessing HCA has been to our family. Our daughter  is Grade 1 and in less than 3 weeks at HCA we’ve seen so many blessings. I just wanted to name a few.

The first day of school last year was exciting. Everyday after that was a literal fight to get her up and ready to school on time. I want to emphasize, we were a 5 min drive from her public school; always late. This year. No fight. Up an hour before school to get ready. We have a 30 min drive; we’re always on time.

She is actually excited to go to school.
That alone has been a weight off of us.

We actually feel a partnership with her teacher.

Then there’s the drop off and pick up, which felt like every parent for themselves. That was exhausting and took so much out of us everyday. This year so much more enjoyable. We get to connect with her teacher everyday after school to check in, a mini parent teacher if you will. We actually feel a partnership with her teacher. That is so important to us. It takes a village to raise a child.

Academically, we’ve seen an improvement in her reading. Which has blown both of our minds. She loves to read. We have a hard time getting her to turn her light out at night; remember no fight to get up in the morning. Praise to Jesus!  Her quality of work was also below subpar when starting at HCA. Her teacher last year always mentioned the quality of her work needing  improvement, on report cards and in parent teacher meetings. We would work on it at home with her, but it became a mute point at school because her sloppy work was always accepted. She was never held accountable to keep the standard up at school. Which would then send mixed signals to her.  Not this year, it was a bit of shock to her at first but she’s been working really hard trying to get her handwriting up to par. We’re confident, with dedication and hard work, that she’ll be where she should be by Christmas break.

Just writing these out blows my mind. I cannot believe it’s been less than 3 weeks and we can already see the difference the investment in our daughter’s education has made.

We’re so excited to send our youngest next year to the preprimary program. Truthfully, she is too. She wants to stay and be with the “big kids”.

Thank you for HCA! Praise goes out to Jesus, you and all the staff. We’re so excited to be apart of this amazing facility and to see where God takes us in this journey.