Welcome to Halifax Christian Academy

At HCA we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality education, and our student body routinely ranks in the top quartile across the country in standardized testing. With class sizes which are smaller than the public system, our team of highly qualified, highly educated and highly experienced teachers are able to pour a huge amount more of their time, talent, and energy into teaching and nurturing their students.

Halifax Christian Academy exists to transform lives through dynamic Christ-centred education and discipleship. We have over 1000 hours of influence with students each year, influence which we don’t take for granted. It is a privilege to help our students develop a love of learning and discover for themselves their own unshakable faith in Jesus Christ, and to stand on the truth and wisdom of the Holy Bible as a guide for their lives.

Open to Everyone

Our community is open to both those who have not yet discovered Jesus and is seeking what makes Christianity unique compared to other world-views, and those who are looking to enrol their children in a school that not only prepares them educationally, but also spiritually, into the world.

High Quality Education

At HCA, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality education. Our student body demonstrates this by routinely ranking in the top quartile across the country in standardized testing.

Teachers & Classes

With smaller class sizes than the public system, our team of highly qualified, educated, and experienced teachers are able to pour their time, talent, and energy into teaching and nurturing their students. This gives our teachers the unique opportunity to help students address challenges with wisdom, discernment, and grace.

Middle & High School

Our middle school learns in a powerful, multi-faceted 21st century learning environment, where collaboration, project-based learning, and technology are embraced. Our high school graduates are highly recruited by post secondary institutions, and receiveding tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships annually.

Discipleship Infused Education

In all that we do and all that we teach, we put Jesus at the centre; we call this “discipleship-infused education”. Our discipleship of students, in accordance with the commands within Matthew chapter 28, is something we take very seriously. Families can find academic training in many settings within HRM, but HCA stands alone as a discipleship partner. We invest in the spiritual formation and transformation of our students, staff, and parents. We stand by our “middle name” (Christian), which makes us distinct.

An education infused with discipleship is a powerful combination that a secular academic institution cannot officially offer.  Families in our city find that public schools (and many private schools) are actively teaching their children an atheistic and materialist world-view.  We recognize the damage that daily influences from our education system can have on your child’s heart, mind, and soul. HCA stands as the only school in HRM where a Christ-centred world-view is embraced, encouraged, and taught.

Affordable Together

HCA is an accessible and affordable option for many families. Our tuition is approximately 40% less than the average HRM private school. Having a reasonable tuition level allows us to witness the body of Christ coming together to create a culture of generosity through the donation of time, talent, and financial resources. Together with your support, we can continue to thrive.

Our fundraising efforts also bring the community together. Our events allow us to reach outside of our vicinity to show faith, hope, and love throughout the city of Halifax. HCA is a registered non-profit organization (charity no. 107461170RR0001) and donors will receive a tax receipt during tax season.

Thank you for your continued prayers for HCA as we boldly embrace the path that God has called us to walk.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Meet The Principal

Dr. Aubrey J. Penney
Principal, Halifax Christian Academy
August 2019

Aubrey assumed principalship at Halifax Christian Academy after moving from Kingston, Ontario. His experience includes twenty-five plus years of school leadership and almost ten years of corporate ownership. He began his career in education with the Pentecostal Assemblies Board of Education and moved to Kingston, Ontario to continue in Christian education after public funding for the Pentecostal school system was discontinued in Newfoundland and Labrador.

As a graduate from Memorial University, his education includes a B.A. and B. Ed. in Junior/Senior High School and a Masters in Educational Administration with a thesis studying multi-grade teaching and learning. He is also a graduate from the University of Toronto with a Doctorate in Educational Administration with his dissertation focusing on teaching and learning in a multi-age classroom. His research and study regarding multi-age grouping informs his philosophy of differentiated teaching and learning. During his time in education while in Ontario, Dr. Penney also completed the required courses for the Ontario Principal’s Qualification Program.

Dr. Penney had the privilege of being raised in a Christian family and attended a Christian day school from grades Kindergarten through high school. With a deep love for children and teens in Christian education, he is very excited to be in leadership at Halifax Christian Academy where the vision is “transforming lives through dynamic Christ-centered education and discipleship”.