Halifax Christian Academy


(902) 475-1441

PrePrimary-Grade 12

114 Downs Ave, Halifax, NS

(902) 475-1441


30 Charles Rd, Timberlea, NS

(902) 876-1141


Armdale Campus

114 Downs Ave, Halifax, NS

Timberlea Campus

30 Charles Rd, Timberlea, NS

Why This Matters

In a society where students are not allowed to bring their Bible to school, and where they are ridiculed for supporting a Biblical worldview, the value of an environment where Christ's presence is acknowledged and respected is amplified. We take our MIDDLE NAME seriously!

We are a community of families, students, and teachers who believe that each student has worth and purpose in growing the Kingdom. We have an amazing opportunity to partner with families and use our 1000 hours of access each year for His Glory.

Our Vision

We believe that God’s Vision for HCA is “transforming lives through dynamic Christ-centered education and discipleship”.

Our Mission

We are committed to our Mission of “equipping students to develop a love for learning and an unshakeable faith“, and “we glorify Jesus by creating a community that positively impacts othersthrough our service.”

HCA Core Values

Further, we progress towards our Vision and Mission, while adhering to our fundamental, non- negotiable core values (accountability, balance, biblical truth, communication, diligence, excellence, integrity, and love).

Our Commitment

We adhere to and strive to continually improve our alignment to our Vision, Mission, and our Core Values.

In order for Halifax Christian Academy to be successful in fulfilling its Vision and Mission, it is essential for staff and parents to be committed to be diligent, working together in unity. Parents and HCA are partnering to jointly teach and reinforce these beliefs both at school through discipleship efforts within HCA and at home through parent-led activities which strengthen thestudents’ faith, biblical knowledge, and spiritual discipline.

Discipleship is a culture at HCA which permeates all that we do, including but not limited to, Bible classes, mission, chapel, mentoring programs, small group studies biblical integration throughout the academic curriculum, discipline and general interaction with the students.